The Secret Range

These velvety smooth red wines are absolute must adds to your collection. We cannot divulge the secrets behind them, as the winemaker and ourselves are not telling! What we can tell you is that they are gorgeous, full-bodied red wines – tasty stuff. 

The original white-on-white label of The Secret 2015 will urge you to examine this design, touch it and delve deeper into the secret behind The Secret. While you are at it, just add it to your cart.

The Dark Secret 2017 with its elegant all black appearance will have you staring for hours. We can only describe it by Henry Ford's words "You can have any colour as long as it is black."

Our second newest and boldest edition to date is The Bold Secret 2018 with its all red label will have you coming back for more.

Step into our new world of pink drinks with our new The Alternative Secret 2019. It's the adult version of candy-floss.

The Bold Secret 2018

The Alternative Secret 2019

The Bold Secret as well as The Alternative Secret is our is now available for purchase from Under Oaks, Paarl as well as online using the link below.

The Secret 2015 as well as The Dark Secret 2017 is only available in a gift pack together with The Bold Secret 2018 from our Tasting Room.

Previous releases - Sold Out

The Secret 2015

The Dark Secret 2017